Why Technical Design Document?

I know, another ‘Why documentation?’ blog. Unfortunately my experience in writing or using a Technical Design Document (TDD) is incredibly lacking, as in lacking entirely. My lack of experience in the use of one is something I find undesirable as since discovering what a TDD is and the usage of one I believe it could […]

Why High Concept Document?

Another instalment in the ‘Why Documentation?’ series I seem to be writing. Why High Concept Document (HCD)? A HCD is used as a short document that contains the basic points and core concept that the project is centred around. Having a HCD is something I have found to be useful in the two out of […]

Why Game Design Document?

A question that I was asked and even though I knew the answer, still didn’t use. Up until project 4 this trimester I had been using no Game Design Document (GDD) or at least nothing formatted as one. So for anyone who doesn’t know, why GDD? A game design document is an incredibly useful tool […]

Firefly – A Post-Mortem

How to Play: Felix the firefly is flying around a train station, collecting light so that he can grow his own light in the hope of attracting a mate. The player plays as Felix and must avoid obstacles in order to collect the light scattered around the busy train station. In doing so the player […]

Video (Board) Game – Post-Mortem

How to Play As the game starts each of the three players is assigned one of three secret identities. Players keep this to themselves and use this to advise their motive throughout the game. Five of the six available incident cards are then placed face down on the table and each player is dealt three […]

How to Know When is What

I imagine that many of the people who read my blogs took a look at that title and either read it as “How to Know What is When” or became a little confused as to the topic of this blog. Ordinarily the title of this blog would be “How to Know What is When” but […]

Working With Others

As the External Talent Liaison (ETL) for Firefly, I was responsible for coordinating the collaboration with (surprisingly) the external talent. In this case that included audio and animation students from SAE Brisbane. To do this I worked with Kirsty TschirpigĀ as the vision holder in order to effectively communicate the intended look and feel of the […]