Good Morning – A post-mortem

How to Play: You wake up in *your* home, leave your bedroom, and set out to carry out a specific morning routine that you would only do in your own home. The player should feel open to interacting with *their* home at their own whim, doing whatever tasks in the order they like. The house should invoke […]

Let’s Split

My goodness, sometimes these names are hilarious, just ask me. The title, being witty as it is, doesn’t say a whole lot about what the topic of this post. I could drag on and on about what I did and how wonderful this topic is, only mentioning what the topic is part way though but […]

Am I Taking The Right Path?

Ah the ambiguous title technique to draw in readers, classic. The real topic of this blog is pathfinding, which for me is actually a topic I find exciting although outside my primary interests. In order to actually implement it effectively I found that I had to research and understand that not only are there different […]

Getting a Better Score (Board)

Get the scoreboard here. How to Use: Import TyeKBryant-Scoreboard.unitypackage Drag ScoreBoard prefab into the scene Modify “Number Of High Scores” field to be a desired amount Create method of setting the player’s score in ScoringManager The scoreboard has a few areas of functionality that are visible from the inspector. As the scoreboard uses a prefab to […]

The Trimester – A sort of post-mortem

So this isn’t quite a post-mortem but definitely a brief reflection on this trimester and why I am currently writing blogs for marks even though the trimester has finished for me. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to be able to shift the blame, this situation is my fault. For those who don’t know, […]

The Sound of a Firefly

Well, a little more than just the sound a firefly makes but I needed a catchy title. The Firefly project I worked on involved collaborators from the audio department of SAE Institute Brisbane. For the project we had two audio collaborators that were both enthusiastic and incredibly easy to work with. From the day of […]

Why Art Bible?

The final instalment in my ‘Why documentation?’ series. An art bible is an incredibly useful tool for game development as it acts as a guide for how the entire game should look. Just as it is important to have functionality in a game, that functionality only becomes useful when there is somewhere to use it. […]