An end of Trimester Reflection, Again

I should probably just post my old blog again cause I did not learn to blog better.

Work life balance is probably the most crucial thing for me to be looking at this trimester. As much as I wish that I could say I was a wonderful time manager that is most definitely not the case, trust me.

At the moment I work a 30 hour work week plus after hours call-outs, with a 36 hour university work load on top and 8 hours of travel. With all of that as a base workload my timetable gets kind of screwed.


With my timetable being so booked out by default, it only gets worse when I throw on top my lovely ability to sink endless hours into a single project and neglect another. Although this is incredibly productive for one of my projects, the other either gets left behind or I end up spending a huge amount of hours catching up the other. This kind of practice is something that can often leave me completely worn out and by the end of the trimester I am often unable to be productive as I need the time to rest and recover.

Aside from my terrible time management, I am still terrible at maintaining my blogging but unlike last trimester, I had a large amount of the work needed for the blogs done already but writing the actual blogs was something I struggled with yet again.

On the more positive side, I have taken a large step towards my goal of becoming a network programmer as this trimester I had begun my final project and learnt a lot more about network programming in studio 3. Studio 3 involved relearning the basic things I had learnt last trimester from slides but in more depth as I had actual lectures on the content. From there I took it even further and implemented it into my final project which is a networked multiplayer game. The experience in writing that was frustrating and incredibly difficult, it made me want to rip my hair out and scream at my computer so many times. That feeling was something I hadn’t had for a long time when programming and was also something that I had missed. Network programming presents a challenge for me and for that I absolutely love it. The payoff for when something you had been working on finally functioned correctly was an incredible sense of achievement, something that I hadn’t been presented with in a while. I intend to take my network programming further and increase my skills in the area, maybe even include some of the other things I learnt this trimester to improve further.

One of these things is multi-threading, something I had always seen as out of reach and incredibly difficult turned out to be unusually easy to do a basic implementation of and something I hope to further investigate and utilise.

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