The Trimester – A sort of post-mortem, again

This trimester has been a whirlwind of information all slammed into my face, which, unlike other trimesters is a welcome change. I feel like in this trimester alone I have learnt more than the sum of the previous trimesters. From creating an API to custom physics simulations and AI bot tournaments, there has been no shortage of information for me to take in and grow from. Again unlike other trimesters, I’ve found myself to be constantly engaged and consistently interested in the topics covered as they directly relate to programming.

Between all of this work and the interest I have in the topics you would be forgiven for thinking that this would be enough for me but of course, it wasn’t. The interesting content only drove me to want to know more and achieve more. Due to this I ended up learning some of the material that we cover next trimester as not only are the topics interesting and challenging but also happened to be areas that I want to focus on in future. Despite moving ahead with work beyond my current skill level, I found that understanding the extra material and the regular material to be exceptionally easy to do.

This trimester presented me with Greg Quincey as the lecturer for studio 2 and to my surprise I found him to be much more approachable. Though ordinarily I don’t have trouble approaching people, something about Greg made me feel encouraged to approach him and ask questions. Whether it was for the topic at hand or something for my own interests, I always felt encouraged to approach and would always leave with either an answer or at the very least a good lead to follow up on.

So with good material to cover, extra material of my own interest and Greg to help me learn it all, clearly I was itching to get all my learning outcomes ticked off right from the start, right? Well yes and no, though my intention was there to be getting everything ticked off, I found myself not doing it. Of course this doesn’t mean I wasn’t doing the work but that I struggled to present it. As anyone who follows these blogs (does anyone follow these?) would know, these learning outcomes are ticked off by blogs, just like this one. Those who follow along will also know that I struggle to write these blogs as well, so of course, nothing was getting marked off.

Though I still haven’t discovered the source of my struggle to sit down and write these blogs, I know the consequences of not doing them and how much pressure it puts me under. By putting off doing these blogs I end up submitting them late and ticking off my outcomes either at the last second or late. Though I did leave these blogs for far longer than I should (especially considering I was going to write two a week) it is worth noting that they have not been left as long as they have in the past. Somehow managing to tick of all but two of my outcomes until this point shows that at the very least I am slowly learning to get them done earlier.

I find that it is incredibly strange that I left these blogs for so long knowing the situation it would get me in to. I found that despite knowing the consequences I would struggle to bring myself to sit down and write them, which is weird considering when I do they seem to be written fairly quickly and hopefully well. Though yes I could make excuses for myself about how much I work and that it’s a family business but I find that it is a better opportunity to take the experience and run with it. The course is intended to be a full-time course and I work 26 hours a week in a manual labour job but I feel that from this I learn a great deal about work and uni life balance and as such it helps me to grow in numerous ways.

I intend to have a much better sense of balance between the two for next trimester and to get the workload under control early.

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