The Trimester – A sort of post-mortem, again

This trimester has been a whirlwind of information all slammed into my face, which, unlike other trimesters is a welcome change. I feel like in this trimester alone I have learnt more than the sum of the previous trimesters. From creating an API to custom physics simulations and AI bot tournaments, there has been no […]

Good Morning – A post-mortem

How to Play: You wake up in *your* home, leave your bedroom, and set out to carry out a specific morning routine that you would only do in your own home. The player should feel open to interacting with *their* home at their own whim, doing whatever tasks in the order they like. The house should invoke […]

Let’s Split

My goodness, sometimes these names are hilarious, just ask me. The title, being witty as it is, doesn’t say a whole lot about what the topic of this post. I could drag on and on about what I did and how wonderful this topic is, only mentioning what the topic is part way though but […]

Am I Taking The Right Path?

Ah the ambiguous title technique to draw in readers, classic. The real topic of this blog is pathfinding, which for me is actually a topic I find exciting although outside my primary interests. In order to actually implement it effectively I found that I had to research and understand that not only are there different […]