CIU Week 6

The blog post from this week is all about having a presence online and building a network. It talks about using social media as a method of building these networks and how considering the right type of social media can be incredibly important. The blog also talks about how you should present yourself when using […]

CIU111 Week 5

This week’s blog was about inclusive design which is an incredibly important topic for reaching a broader audience. It is important to consider accessibility as many games require visual or audio elements as crucial story or progression mechanics. A large portion of games can also be very unkind to people who suffer from mobility disabilities […]

CIU111 Week 4

Interviews are an important part of any career and as such you will find yourself having one in one for or another at some stage during your career. Though an interview may not be conducted in the traditional sense for people who may want to start an indie development team, in a situation like that, […]

CIU111 Week 3

Copyright is the topic for this week’s blog post and it addresses a lot of the intricacies and finer points of copyright. One of the main misconceptions about copyright is that it immediately protects any ideas, concepts, styles or techniques that you might come up with. In order for copyright to become active; these ideas, […]

CIU111 week 2

This week’s blog post was about Income and the various forms that it can take. From what was said in the blog post, the most stable income opportunity of being an employee at a company within your industry also seems to be the most limiting on the creative freedom of a developer. That is however […]