Independent Media Review

SUPERHOT is a first person shooter that takes a drastically different approach to the genre than most games. SUPERHOT uses a principle that is generally not thought of when talking about an fps and by doing this is massive stand-out for me. Having played through the game and the numerous challenges it presented, at times […]


For those who have been following my posts up until now this post will have some more meaning. Tasked with curating some content that influenced me I decided to make a direct reference to an earlier post, in which, I mentioned how the shows Fairytail and Merlin inspired me to make a new and innovative […]

Future Predictions

This post is less about myself than the two previous, however, the discerning eye may yet learn something about me from this post. Whether you call it efficiency or being lazy, there is no denying that we as a race have been developing technology to make day to day life easier. This ranges from robots […]

Media use and identity

For those of you who have read my previous post, you know a bit about my journey to where I currently am. This post is intended to expand further on who I am and what parts of media are important to me. From a consumer standpoint, I quite enjoy games, anime and T.V. shows as […]

Who am I and why am I here?

I am Tye Bryant, a programmer with my only experience in my desired industry being personal “just for fun” projects. Getting to the stage I am at today is a story full of very few twists and turns. I started out in high school doing an assignment in which I had to make a game […]